Welcome to Spinalogic

Spinalogic is advanced practice management software designed specifically for Chiropratic offices.

What makes Spinalogic so special? Good software addresses the expressed needs of the customer. We have been suppling software to Chiropractors for 10 years and know what is important to you. But great software takes more than just satisfying your need. Great software brings novel technology that eliminates problems before they start.

And we know Chiropractic… because that is all we do. There is no compromise as you’ll find in other products that try to work for all modalities.

What you really want from your software is that it makes your life easier. That is lets you get things done faster and more accurately. At the same time, it’s nice if it can be a bit fun. Then you and your team can focus what you are really there for – caring for patients and bringing the benefits of Chiropratic to your community.

You see, Spinalogic is full of industry firsts. We have developed new ways of tracking the performance of your team as a whole as well as each member of your team. Every part of Spinalogic has been studied in real-world offices just like yours. We’ve broken it down and built it back up again just so you and your team can be super efficient while having more fun.

Every user has a home page where they can immediately see everything that is important to them right now not more and not less. Your mind becomes free of irrelevant ‘psychic clutter’ and you can focus directly on the priority tasks at hand.

Spinalogic is easy to learn and easy to use. It will allow you and your team to complete every important step in running your practice more accurately and in less time, with less stress and more fun. In short, Spinalogic will make your practice life better.

Want to know more? Pick the Edition of Spinalogic that is right for you and see more.

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