Keeping Up-To-Date

In practice there are so many things you have to keep up to date with and so many compliances you have to maintain.

Well I am very excited to announce that the latest release of Spinalogic at least makes it super easy to keep your primary practice software up-to-date with the Advanced Web Updates.

Now, when there is a new update for you, you will get a new menu item appear saying “Update Available”. We can control who gets what update so if Spinalogic is telling you that there is an update available, it is one that we recommend for you. But you still have control over when (or even if) you want to apply it. Just click on it, and you can see what is in the new update and decide when is the best time for you to install.

Actually enabling the install can only be done by the Practice Manager, and then it’s about 2 min until everyone in your office is updated. We do recommend that you update everyone in your office at the same time.

Closing the Loop

Spinalogic has always monitored its performance and reported any irregular behaviour back to head office. But now with the new Advanced Web Updates, it’s possible for us to fix any such irregularities and release the new version of Spinalogic back to you in record time.

Previously we had a development cycle of some 3 months meaning it could be up to 3 months before a minor issue could be fixed. We can now bring our development cycle down to 2-4 weeks and if you should find a problem with a new release, we are able to send out an update on the same day if required.

In fact, since releasing the new version of Spinalogic with the Advance Web Update, we have already made another update available – it has the new magnifier calibrator to make analysing x-rays more accurate, and an upgraded line-drawing for the Lateral Lumbar X-rays – I hope you like it!)

Here is what the new Lateral Lumbar Line drawing looks like:

Till next time,

Stay focused,

Richard Sawyer.

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