Installation – Spinalogic Express

Installation of Spinalogic Express is easy – you can just do it yourself.

Before you do though, make sure you have Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7. To check, click Start, right-click on My Computer and select Properties. Also check the Hardware Requirements to make sure Spinalogic will run on your PC. 1 GB of space on your hard-drive will be plenty.

Next download the trial version of Express and run the installer.

After Spinalogic Installs, it will take you through a few steps to get your essential settings like your hours of operation, doctor names etc.

It’s now installed. Play with it. Have fun. The QuickStart Apps at the top of the homepage will take you and your team through the Ignition Training so you know how to get things done.

When you feel ready, do a final data import to get your patient account balances and appointments, and go live.

If you get stuck, just lodge a support ticket from the Help menu in Spinalogic.

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