Spinalogic 2.0 comes in 5 Editions:

Spinalogic Express

Complete patient administration system. Includes all front desk needs. Suitable for all Health Professionals – Chiropractors and others. Read more…

Spinalogic Drawing

Complete Chiropractic imaging system with X-Ray and posture analysis. Read more…

Spinalogic Clinical

Includes everything in Express PLUS full clinical record keeping for examination, adjustments, re-examinations, case design, and diagnosis and much more. Read more…

Spinalogic Complete

Includes everything in Express, Drawing and Clinical. Read more…

Spinalogic Unlimited

Includes everything in Complete plus free installation, free data import, free support, free server and workstation relocation as well as free transaction fees on zero-touch payments. In other words, it’s pretty much all-inclusive. Read more…

All Editions

All editions of Spinalogic offer unlimited users, unlimited practitioners, secure login, audit trails, unlimited products, unlimted workstations.

Spinalogic is built on robust industrial-standard technology so it is fast, secure and reliable and you know it will continue to be so into the future.

Spinalogic has modest hardware requirements – it will probably run on PCs you already have.

We are committed to bringing the best tools to you to make practice more efficient and more fun. We welcome your feedback and in fact many of the benefits of Spinalogic have been built in response to customer suggestions.

Spinalogic Express is suitable for all health professionals. The other versions are specialized for Chiropractic and Multidiciplinary practices.


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