Spinalogic Express

Spinalogic Express includes all the advanced front desk resources of Spinalogic. It can be installed on a single workstation so you probably already have the hardware you need. You get all patient accounts and appointment tools. You get our advanced Promotions Engine with ROI tracking to grow your practice. You get Checkpoint Tracking to focus your team trainings on the places that will result in the greatest growth.

Speaking of practice growth, Spinalogic will easily grow with you. Start with the Express edition. When you are ready, move to Complete. And when you get big enough, step over to the power of Unlimited. If you decide to wind up your practice, you can change back down again so you don’t need to feel you are locked into something you may not need. You can make your changes at any time. In fact, it’s so easy, we usually recommend you start with Express then move up when you are ready.

You’ll also get advanced Patient Education tools, Inventory Management with Zero Touch Ordering, advanced Appointment Scheduling, and an extensive array of patient management tools. You even get PayPal integration for debt-collection and Zero-Touch Patient Payments plus HICAPS integration. Seriously cool!

We’ve even studied practices that have installed Spinalogic to find out how much they have saved and in every case the savings and/or growth have been remarkable. So we know that Spinalogic will more than pay for itself on your bottom line.

You may be concerned that all these great resources are going to complex and hard to use. But don’t worry, we’ve had years of practice at this and by listening to your colleagues (and using the software ourselves!), we’ve made them easy to master.

In fact, to make it super easy to get started, we have integrated video training right inside Spinalogic which takes you step-by-step to get the most out of your shiny new software so you and your team can be up and running in just a couple of hours.  Then we have advanced trainings that you can do as you are ready that focus on things like Saving Time, Seeing More Patients, Saving Money, Best Practices and Having More Fun.

We know that many offices have old software they want to upgrade, so to make it easy to bring your old data across, we even have a data importer that can import from a wide range of existing systems.

You’d probably expect to pay a lot for a system like this… but you won’t with Spinalogic. You can pay with an easy monthly lease at the cost of about two adjustments per month, or you can buy it outright if you like to own things. Whatever floats your boat.

And even better? You can have it for free. That’s right the first month is completely free so you can download, install, import, setup and play. See if you like it. Check that it really works like I say. If you do like it, just keep it and we’ll start billing. If you don’t you can cancel yourself at anytime 24/7 in that first calendar month, and you pay nothing. This way you get all the chance you need to really put Spinalogic through its paces – even with real patient data – and if it’s not for you, you don’t pay a single cent. It’s completely risk-free.

But I know you’re going to love Spinalogic – it’s the upgrade your office needs. That’s why I can make this offer.

Download it for free and try it out right now.

Complete patient administration system. Includes all front desk needs

  • Patient accounts
  • Appointment management
  • Patient messaging
  • Inventory
  • Promotion tracking
  • Experts
  • HICAPS integration
  • Zero-touch payment

Suitable for all Health Professionals.


Here is a list of all the features of Spinalogic along with what you’ll get in the Complete version when you are ready for it. Don’t freak out when you see the size of the list! Like I said, we’ve been working on this for years and now we’ve made it super easy to learn and use.

Want to know what hardware you need? Here is a list. It’s pretty short though – basically you just need a newish PC (like less than 4 years old!).

And you shouldn’t really just listen to what I have to say, hear what some of our clients think.

If you are already using a full paperless clinical record system, you may want to go directly to Spinalogic Complete or Unlimited. Still you may want to try out Express first since you can just install it on one PC. You can still see most of the clinical features of Complete/Unlimited, you just can’t save your changes. Call us if you want to have a chat.

We’ve made pricing very easy and available in AUD, NZD or USD so you can use the currency that works best for you. You can see pricing for Express lease at the free trial. For other editions and complete support costs and buy-out options, contact us and we’ll send it right out. Pricing is very competitive.

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