There are two different ways to import images into Spinalogic.

Option 1 – Direct DICOM push

This is where radiology directly push the images over the internet to your office. This is best, but takes a lot of setting up and many radiology services don’t do it. This is what you use when you send x-rays from your own machine.

For a more complete guide click here:

Option 2 – DICOM Download

The radiology service you use has probably given you access to a web portal where you can access/view images on your web browser. In that, there should be an option to download a set of x-rays as DICOM. You may be able to find it easy enough, otherwise, get help from their IT on this. Once you can, here’re the steps to follow:

  1. Create a folder on your desktop called, say, ‘DICOM Temp’
  2. In the webportal, download the DICOMs into this folder
  3. In Spinalogic, use Clinical>Import DICOMs from Media.
  4. You will then be met with a screen where you select the same folder as before and import DICOMs

It’s actually quite easy once you’ve worked it out. You can put these four steps along with any un/pw you need for the portal right into an expert so you can easily check it every day and anyone can do it.

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