If you are using Zero-Touch it is much faster and easier to capture card details using a Magnetic Card Reader (MCR) than by typing card details in.

This applies to:

With the MCR, you can read a card in literally half a second and be sure you have it correct.

Which Scanner Should you get?

We recommend the MSR90 which you can by on eBay for around $20. You can however use any magnetic stripe reader that reads both Tracks 1 and 2.

Where do you need a scanner?

You’ll want a scanner at the location where you:

  • Sign up patients for care programs
  • Checkout

If you operate with no CA, it may be useful to have one at each adjusting station for the occasion that a patient needs to update their card details.

Understanding / Troubleshooting

The MSR acts just like a keyboard and reads off the data from the two tracks on the card as text. You can see that by opening Notepad and swiping the card. In that data is embedded the card number, name and expiry date which Spinalogic extracts to use for the patient. You will note that the CVV is not included in the stripe data so depending on you payment gateway, you will need to enter that manually.

If you store the patient card details for future billing, know that Spinalogic is fully PCI-DSS compliant. You are not storing the actual card details, they are securely kept only by your payment gateway and we store a token that gives you permission to bill that card.

Some cards may not read in which case you will need to enter the card details manually.

Only Debit and Credit cards are supported, not EFTPOS cards. Check the card: if it has the Mastercard or Visa logo (or American Express if your gateway supports it), then you can use it. If it has the EFTPOS logo, you cannot.


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