To really get the most from Spinalogic, you need to have your equipment set up. Here are some pointers.

Arrivals PC

To allow patients to arrive themselves you need an arrivals pc. This is any standalone pc that is near your entrance. It needs speakers to announce to the patients when they register, and a numeric keypad for PIN entry. Instead of a numeric keypad, you can use a touch screen. Optionally, you can have a fingerscanner for fingerprint recognition of patients (I recommend this). You may prefer to use barcoded cards or keytags in which case you’d need a barcode reader. You can use any combination of these you like too. This PC can be quite small – even a Microsoft Surface Pro stuck on the wall will work fine. Search ‘scanner’ in the Support Portal.

Adjusting PC

You want  a large monitor, say 24 inches. If you paint the CTRL key nearest the patient with green nail polish it makes it easy for patients to bring up their record.


This needs to be installed on one of your PCs. If you use audible calling, you’ll need speakers plugged into that machine too. Typically it’s set up on one of your adjusting pc’s or on the PC that plays music through your ceiling speakers. Do let us know where you want it installed so we can put it where you want it.


If you use audible calling, you’ll need to record patient names. For this you need a microphone. I recommend a USB headset – you can record and playback to test your recording. That headset also can double for direct-calling patients out of Spinalogic using Skype.

Checkout PC

If you want patients to be able to do self-serve retail payments, you need a standalone pc for checkout. It will need the same patient registration as you have at arrivals (fingerprint, numeric keypad etc). This station works best with a touch screen. You’ll also need a magnetic card reader to read the patient’s Visa or MasterCard. You must have a Stripe account and Spinalogic Unlimited for this option. Search ‘magnetic’ in Support Portal. Click here if you want to see more.


If you want to be able to bill direct to credit card for ZeroTouch and Checkout, you need an account with eWay and a backing internet merchant facility with a bank. Search ‘eWay’ in the support portal. eWay will create an account in 24 hours but the bank may take up to 3 weeks so if you want this, this may be a high-priority action step today.

Magnetic card reader

If you want to use membership or other Zero Touch payments direct to credit card with eWay, you’ll need a mag card reader for each place you will set that up with patients (typically your report room or front desk) and one at your checkout station. Search ‘magnetic’ in Support Portal.


If you’re still buying pc’s, you don’t need anything fancy to run Spinalogic – just as long as they don’t have lots of crud on them slowing them down! See here for minimum and recommended specs.

Document Scanner

You’ll need one to capture patient documents so you can file them in Spinalogic and shred the paper. You want a ‘duplex’ scanner that can scan both sides of a sheet of paper. You can also use our super cool Document Filer: search Support Portal for ‘filer’. See also ‘Printer’ below.


You need a printer for printing the occasional receipt. I recommend you email receipts by default so you don’t have to print them but you may still have to print one from time to time. Note that if you get a document scanner / printer combo, you get the scanner almost for free.

Label Printer

Handy for printing patient labels on the rare occasion you have to post them something. I recommend the Dymo LabelWriter. They’re really cheap and cool.

There’s a few things to think about! Just get what you need for now. Just be aware that eWay takes a few weeks to set up. If you buy mag card readers or barcode scanners, they are much, much cheaper from China via eBay but you will have to wait up to 3 weeks for them to arrive.

That’s about it. Send a ticket if you have any specific things you’re wondering about.


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