Before we get to the good bits please be aware of the following as it may have a bearing on you being able to run Spinalogic 2.0 in your practice.

Microsoft Windows 2000 is no longer supported. If any of the computers in your practice operate on Windows 2000 then Spinalogic 2.0 will not be able to run on them. Computers still running Windows 2000 pose a security risk to your network as vulnerabilities are no longer fixed. Microsoft ended support for this operating system on 13th July 2010.


New features

  • Homepages Overhauled
    • Added a tool bar along the top that encompasses quick launching to commonly used windows and training on Spinalogic’s array of features.
    • Track team member training
    • Performance Spotlight – Designed to focus all staff on the same overall practice goals by showing the practice’s performance on everyone’s homepage.
  • PayPal automatic payments.
  • Automatic Debt Recovery system.
  • Arrivals PIN Login – Patients can register their arrival by entering a simple pin number via touchscreen or keypad.
  • Membership Model payment method –
  • Database Health Checks – Periodic checks on the health of the database to optimise stability and speed.
  • Improved the speed of loading Spinalogic.
  • Increased speed on the Patients Accounts window.
  • Loss of connection handler – If Spinalogic loses it’s connection to the database it will pause and attempt to reconnect.
  • Appointment Book – Patient’s photo shows when booking or rescheduling appointments.
  • Imaging
    • New Contrast and Brightness sliders
    • New tool bar for selecting Panning, ROI Contrast, Contrast & Brightness
    • Improved responsiveness of zooming and panning images
    • Added Intercrestal analysis line to AP Lumbo-Pelvic images
    • Improved analysis line drawing for AP Lumbo-Pelvic images to help with hip rotation identification.
    • Can create new patients from the Image Capture form using the information stored within digital X-rays
  • Exam Report – Generate a report of a patient’s exam and review results with the click of a button that can be printed out and handed to the patient.
  • Simplified the entering and modifying of Doctors appointment book settings
  • Zero-Touch Monitor now runs from within Spinalogic instead of a separate application
  • Patient Hook – Used to store the “Incentive / Reason / Driving Force” behind the patient seeking care at your practice and in-turn communicate this to all staff. This is extremely useful when communicating with the patient, e.g. when the CA is talking to the patient regarding missed appointments.
  • Broadcast an SMS messages to all active patients.
  • Updated the network system used for controlling patient flow to a more responsive and efficient system
  • Instant Messenger – Lingo
    • Private messaging system used to send messages to other users in the practice.
  • Payment & Sale form now shows the family’s next appointments
  • Easily install Spinalogic to new computers on your network.
  • Improved form design layout across Spinalogic for increased intuitiveness and usability.
  • Numerous changes across Spinalogic to reduce the chance of user error.
  • Over 700 tweaks & improvments to performance and stability.

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