Stock control is an important part of running a well-managed practice that is all too-often left to crisis-management.

With the easy-to-use automation tools in Spinalogic, you’ll have total control, never run out, never have too much and always know exactly what you’ve got and what’s missing.

This video series shows you how to set up and use these powerful tools including the use of Zero-Touch ordering where Spinalogic will automatically email your supplier when your stock counts get low!



Set up Suppliers and General Stuff


Setup Products


Stock Take


Purchase Orders


If you set the reorder level to zero, the item will not be checked when auto-generating purchase orders.

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  1. Robert Bouliane says:

    For online orders I have put our stock takers email in the suppliers email section. Then with zero-touch our stock taker is automatically emailed when an order is needed. In theory this is going to work like a charm!

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