Zero-Touch Pay is a way of enabling patients to make pay-as-you-go retail payment for services but without having to stop at the reception or at checkout. You can also use it for taking payments when the patient is not present such as over the phone.


You need a payment gateway configured first.

Using Zero-Touch Pay

Zero-Touch Pay is very simple to configure. For the patient, go to Patient…Admin…Account. Select ‘Zero-Touch’ as the payment method:

Select the Zero-Touch Account you want to use, in this case ‘Stripe’. If you don’t have one here it’s because you need to do the setup as described above.


  • You can have different ZT accounts that you use for different patients or patient care programs. e.g. you might want to keep funds for different doctors separate and have one Stripe account for each. Or you might want to use the Paypal integration to enable direct bank account billing for some patients.
  • You can use ZT Pay for on-program or off-program patients. The setting for off-program will only apply when the patient is not on-program. The setting for on-program will naturally only apply when the patient is on-program.

Set the credit card: click the button and enter the card details or use a magnetic card reader to read the details off the card and submit. The card will be validated on submission, but only to ensure the number is valid and the card is not expired, not to ensure there is funds on the account.


Now, everytime the patient is automatically billed on arrival or billed after adjustment, that ledger will be tagged for Zero-Touch Pay and will typically be processed within 30 seconds.

You can also use ZT manually for any other payment e.g. patient wants to buy some product: bill for the product and in the Payment/Sale form, click the ‘Zero-Touch’ button to submit to ZT for payment.

Some Details of Execution

  1. Zero-Touch typically starts processing a payment immediately, but subject to some limitations. Make sure you understand those.
  2. If you set Zero-Touch Pay for a patient, Spinalogic will *always* use ZT Pay for automatically generated transactions for that patients. It will not use existing patient credit first. For that, you may be wanting Schedule Pay with Zero-Touch which is a completely different payment system.


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