Here are the technical details on the rules governing when the ZT service processes transactions.

The General Rules

  1. The ZT Service looks for transactions to process 1 minute after it first starts up and then every minute thereafter, if the previous processing loop is not still processing transactions
  2. Any scheduled payments or membership payments are processed at 8am on the day they are due. Since each transaction is processed one after the other, if you have a large number of transactions to process, they make take a few minutes to complete.
  3. Some payment processors will reject transactions on the same card if they are too close together so if you have more than 1 patient with payments due on the same card, there will be a delay of 5 minutes before the next transaction is processed.
  4. If a ZT Transaction is created manually at Payment/Sale or by recording an Adjustment, the transaction is attempted to be processed immediately. This may not be possible due to the limits listed above, but it will still be processed as soon as possible.
  5. If the payment cannot be processed e.g. due to no internet or bank service not available, it is retried 3 times 1 minute apart before failing.

What if the ZT Service has been left not running?

Firstly, you can be certain no payment will be missed. They will all be caught up when you restart the service as follows.

  1. Any items waiting to be processed will be caught up in the first processing cycle 1 minute after restarting the service.
  2. If a patient has multiple Schedule pay zero touch (SPZT) or Membership items due, they are not all processed at once. They are processed at most once per day.
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