All New Spinalogic Express 2.0

Spinalogic is now widely recognized as a market leader in full practice-management systems. But for some practices, the idea of buying a server and 4 workstations and stepping up to full automation of your office has been a daunting step. Continue reading

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What’s New in Spinalogic 2.0?

After more than 10 years in the market, we’ve heard what’s important to you. Spinalogic 2.0 is the culmination of innovative design with your critical feedback. Faster, easier and more fun. Continue reading

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New Easier Mastery

You spoke, we listened. New Spinalogic 2.0 is unbelievably easy to master. The new QuickStart Apps let you choose what features you want to use first to have the most benefit in your practice. Continue reading

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Spinalogic makes more firsts

Spinalogic has been serving the Health Care community since 2001. In that time, we have brought more innovative ‘Firsts’ to practices than anyone else.

  • First to automate patient triage with fingerprint recognition
  • First to natively handle DICOM images
  • First to do digital Chiropractic line analysis on x-ray
  • First to automatically calculate leg-length inequality
  • First to enable automatic payment for services without stopping at the front desk
  • First to have inbuilt debt collection Continue reading
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The Three Principles of Right Technology – 3 Moore’s Law

Moore's Law. Notice the y-axis is logarithmic meaning the straight line represents exponential growth. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

In 1965, Gordon Moore (co-founder of IBM) wrote a paper where he noted that the density and performance of electronic devices had doubled approximately every 2 years from 1958 through to 1965. He predicted that this trend would continue “for at least ten years”.

Ten years later, there was no sign that this increase in hardware performance had slowed down and others predicted it would continue “for at least ten more years”.

Well, it’s now 46 years later and the trend has shown no sign of slowing down. The capabilities of digital electronic devices are still doubling about every 2 years – processing speed, memory capacity, sensors, pixels.

In fact, it’s reasonable to say that Moore’s Law describes one of the key driving forces of technological and social change in the world today.

So what does that mean to your practice? It’s simple. If you are not using this technology in your practice you are missing out on harnessing an exponential driving force that is fuelling growth across the planet. Continue reading

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The Three Principles of Right Technology – 2 Pilzer’s Wealth Formula

The second principle of right technology is Pilzer’s Wealth Formula. With a name like that, it’s got a lot to live up to – and it certainly does. Continue reading

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The Three Principles of Right Technology – 1 Pareto’s Principle

Using the right technology in your practice gives you tremendous leverage to increase your success, save time and make life generally more fun… but only if it is the right technology. If it’s not, you can actually make your office less efficient as your team is strangled by PC woes.

The Three Principles of Right Technology govern what works and what doesn’t and they are well-studied in business circles. They are Pareto’s Principle, Pilzer’s wealth formula, and Moore’s law. They have a powerful synergy and you can easily use all three of the together in your practice to get greater results in less time with a lean and efficient team leaving you free to spend more time doing what you want.

Let’s talk about each of these principles in turn and then bring them all together at the end. Continue reading

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Keeping Up-To-Date

In practice there are so many things you have to keep up to date with and so many compliances you have to maintain.

Well I am very excited to announce that the latest release of Spinalogic at least makes it super easy to keep your primary practice software up-to-date with the Advanced Web Updates. Continue reading

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The Amazing Power of Mail Merge

Mail merge is a fantastic tool in Microsoft Word (and other word processors) that allows you to take a list of patients and create personalized versions of a document template.

Marketing research has shown over and over that when you write to someone by name, they are much more likely to read what you write. Like, “Dear ~first name~”. In clinical practice the reality is that we are marketing good health to our patients and we really want them to read what we give to them.

The first step is to have the patient’s name merged right into every document they get. This way, they know that document is specifically meant for them. Straight away you will get better patient compliance.

But there are other reasons that using Mail Merge is great for your practice standards… Continue reading

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Double your success in practice with this one simple technique

Your total practice volume is determined by just two things: how many leads you get and your conversion of those leads. Leads are a result of your marketing – internal and external – but today, I want to talk about conversion.  In many ways conversion is more powerful and certainly more important to get right first.

In your practice, every patient goes through a process. Maybe you have documented that process and maybe you haven’t but either way, you have one. At each step some patients will drop out. The rate of follow-through of your patients at each step is called your ‘conversion’. Because your patient process has many steps, the final result of how many people you can help is the direct product of each of these conversion steps.

Now here’s where it gets exciting. An improvement of any of these steps gives you (almost) the same improvement in your entire practice volume. So if you can improve just one step by 50%, you will get a 50% increase in your volume. If you can improve two steps by 50% you will get 1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25 or a 125% increase in your volume. That’s right; you can more than double your practice by using focused training in the right places.

On the other hand, if you train on a conversion point that already has 95% success, you will get at best a boring 5% improvement. So you want to be sure that your time and attention is going to where it really counts.

But just which places are the ones you need to focus on?

Today I’m going to tell you how to find out exactly where you need focus your training for maximum impact. I’m then going to tell you how to make sure you are tracking your changes and always know where you need to improve and where you are good already. Continue reading

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