Automated Billing

Most important reasons to use Automated Billing.

  1. Enables you and the patient to fully focus on their clinical care rather than the monetary exchange.
  2. Patient no longer needs to stop at the front desk to pay, freeing your staff to focus on other duties like the patients clinical care.
  3. Quicker visits to your office for the patient. As we know time is precious.

Automated payment methods. One of the two reasons patients stop at the front desk and use your receptionist resources is to pay. We have several payment automations to completely eliminate the need for that step.
• Zero-Touch: Automatically charges the patients card once the adjustment is completed.
• Membership Payments: Automatic payment deductions on a weekly, 2 weekly, 3 weekly, 4 weekly, 6 weekly or monthly schedule. Automatically applies credit to completed appointments.

Schedule payments. Easily manage one time payments or schedule pay instalments. Automatically applies credit.

Easy self-service payment method. Using Spinalogic’s one-of-a-kind checkout station patients can pay for their appointment and purchase products without consuming a human resource. Also

HICAPS integration at checkout. Using HICAPS new medipass, patients can now use HICAPS without any staff assistance.

Third party payors, such as DVA and medicare. Cap the maximum visit and spend amount.

Payment integrations: PayPal, Stripe, HICAPS.

Automated SMS and email options when payments fail.