Smooth Patient Flow

Spinalogic is the number one patient flow management system for chiropractors. If you choose, you can even run a high volume, successful practice without a CA or receptionist.

  • What are the main things your CA does?
    • Check-in patients
    • Take payments
    • Scheduling and rescheduling appointments
    • Admin tasks

How it looks in your office

Patients register their arrival in your office at an arrival station (a PC near your front door). Spinalogic triages them – delivering any admin or educational documents you have scheduled, sending them to examination or adjusting for their scheduled care, stopping them if required for admin reasons at the front desk. All without any CA involvement.

This alone creates huge efficiency in patient arrival flow. No more missed arrival messages if your CA looks the other way. Fully integrated education and admin designed right into patient care programs.

If the patient is to be adjusted, Spinalogic maintains them in a priority queue and calls them over loudspeakers to the right room or table when it’s their turn. Maybe this sounds impersonal, but in practice it’s not at all. Patients love it because they don’t need to think about their position in the queue again. CA’s love it because they don’t need to manage patient order any more. And doctors love it because the patients are just on the table ready for their adjustment when the doctor arrives. Everyone can focus on what they are there for instead of how they are going to get it. There is time to talk health and chiropractic instead of just handling admin.

After the patient’s care has been delivered, they will either be automatically billed or they can use the self-serve checkout station to pay. Their next appointment is either already scheduled because they are on a care plan. Or they can book their next appointment online or call the call answering service using our partners at Zurili.

So just stop and imagine that for a minute: Patient arrives and registers themself. They get a planned educational or admin doc delivered automatically. They take a seat and wait a few minutes. When it’s their turn, they get called and lay themselves down. The doctor arrives and delivers excellent care. The patient walks out without needing to stop at the front desk. Spinalogic has billed them and the money is in your account before they get to their car.

And here it is from the doctor’s point of view: Patient is lying on table with clinical record open on the screen. Doctor delivers an precise adjustment restoring the flow of healing in the body. Doctor uses dictionary to record notes and presses enter. By now, a patient is now on the other table. Go over there… Repeat.

And from the CA’s perspective: Patient walks in, has their adjustment and walks out.

Wow. Smooth. Easy. In the zone.

Priority queue.

Spinalogic tracks the arrival time of patients and places them in the calling queue according to their timeliness. The on-time patients go into the priority queue and will be called before the late or early patients. You can select the threshold for ‘early’ and ‘late’.
When patients check-in they see a message on the screen either thanking them for being on time or letting them know how early or late they are to their appointment. This helps to eliminate late-comers. You can also manually change the queue at any time if you need