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The biggest difference between Spinalogic and others is Spinalogic has been repeatedly tested in real practices to find out where the most time is spent by doctors and CAs. With this information, we have designed solutions for every time-consuming task in practice (you do still have to adjust your patients though!). The result for you is much less time and energy spent on mind-numbing repetitive and error-prone tasks.
Your entire team is freed to focus on what you are really there for – caring for patients and making the community a healthier place.

In addition, Spinalogic is built on industrial-strength technology making it robust, secure and fast. You can be sure that when the next generation of PCs come out, it will just work even better. Remarkably, many of our competetors products still rely on on old technology that is no longer supported by the manufacturer, is insecure and unreliable.

Spinalogic is built on industrial-strength database technology (Microsoft SQL Server) which can handle many thousands of simultaneous users and millions of patient records. This means no loss of data has ever occurred for our clients due to software failure.

Yes. You can use LogMeIn remote software at no additional cost and get almost the same experience as if you were in your office.

Yes. DICOMs are indeed the only medico-legally recognised format. It’s the only format that a radiologist will comment on, and the only format that is admissible in court. Spinalogic acquires X-rays directly from digital X-ray machines and stores them in patient profiles in DICOM format. They appear on-screen during adjustment and you can view them on any networked PC in your practice, at home, or on the road.

These are not jpg versions of DICOM with line drawing burned in obscuring anatomical features as most other products display.

Your practice data is stored in your practice on your computers where it is safest. At no additional cost to you, our qualified professionals can advise you on how to keep your system fully safe and secure.

You are not dependent on having an internet connection to see your patients so if your internet fails, you don’t just all go home unable to even call your patients to tell them not to come in!

The best place for your data is definitely in your own office.

We also have a full-service cloud backup available as an optional extra.

It is pretty easy, because we take care of that all for you.

Yes. Spinalogic is proud to be headed by Richard Sawyer, Master of Chiropractic, BSc (Physics), who founded and designed Spinalogic as a Chiropractor for Chiropractors after 15 years in practice. To this day Richard continues to lead the Spinalogic team innovatively and is in constant contact with fellow Chiropractors around the world.

No. There is no better timing for implementing the organisational tools that Spinalogic provides than before a new associate or CA is brought onboard. Our experience is that implementing Spinalogic before a new team member is brought onboard will greatly assist in the training and enculturalizing of that associate. The reasons for this are that the simple-to-use but sophisticated tools in Spinalogic will facilitate a lot of the new team member’s training, free up time for the existing staff to guide him or her, and keep him or her on track when not being supervised. Consider these 3 points:

  1. In the time it takes to source and employ a new team member, there is ample time to implement and train existing staff on Spinalogic so why not just do it.
  2.  A new team member will have to be trained in the methods of the practice in any case, so it would seem logical to teach him or her the tools in the Practice Management System at the same time, rather than again at a separate training event at a later date.
  3. Spinalogic has training videos with inbuilt progress reporting for bringing new team members up to speed. Half your training is done by Spinalogic for you!
  4.  Once you have set up our super checklists, or Experts as we call them, all processes in your practice are fully documented. With a little initial guidance, the new team member can easily do what needs to be done without error from day one. In fact, the experts allow you to genuinely secure your practice knowledge out of your team’s heads so it can be easily passed on to others.

Spinalogic has a Data Importer which can import from each of the major Chiropractic software products on the market. Our data conversion process is super fast and free of charge to our clients.

The Chiropractic Community is full of real, caring people with the mission to bring true health and wellness to the community at large. They participate in Chiropractic industry events, they strive for continual growth and development both professionally and personally, and they are ambassadors for Chiropractic, one and all. So why would you entrust the intelligent management of your practice or the accurate recording of your patients’ health data with a software company who was any less than this?

At Spinalogic we attend the most important industry events in our part of the world, both as technology demonstrators and as Chiropractic speakers. Our management team actively pursues further knowledge through constant research and development. And we have always been steadfast ambassadors for Chiropractic, with our sole mission being to free up measurable time and money for Chiropractors because, of course, it’s these two key deliverables that enable Chiropractors to truly excel.

Spinalogic was incorporated in November 2003, giving us over 15 years working as Chiropractors, for Chiropractors, in the Chiropractic community. Committing to new comers early after their appearance on the market, on the other hand, means suffering the inevitable bug fixing and patching period that all new software burdens their early adopters with. Our software is built on Microsoft’s bullet-proof SQL Server and .NET platforms, which are the current industry standard for scaleablity.

Spinalogic Australia Pty Ltd is based in Brisbane, Australia. This of course means that our support is in native English. We have clients in many timezones and we easily deliver support globally.

Payment option are by monthly subscription. This includes regular updates and improvements and ongoing support. You can expect Spinalogic to return far more to you than the cost of the subscription if you use even just 1/4 of the tools included.

Just book a free spinalogic demo where you can see in real time what it looks like, ask any questions and find out if spinalogic will work for you and your practice.

There is a lot of helpful content on this site. If you have studied this and still want more information, just book a free spinalogic demo. We will show you what spinalogic looks like and talk about how it might work in your practice.  Alternatively you can contact us at anytime.

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