Effortless Appointments

Care plan scheduling. Do you want to book multiple appointments for you patients with one click. This is what our care plans do. All customisable to suit your office. You can choose to schedule different appointment types at different intervals, for example 6th visit as a review appointment. Chose to automatically send documents and of course automatic billing. Plus they automatically take into account your holidays and patient holidays.

Easy automatic availability of times. Rather than looking through the book to find a slot that works best, spinalogic smart appointment availability eliminates errors and ensures you are never double booked.

Calendar made for chiropractors. You can easily have multiple appointments across a line, drag and drop appointments and updates live.

Multiple shift components for your calendar. Ensure the right appointments always get booked at the right time. You can have set timeslot for initial consults only, re-exams, and prime time for adjusting. All error free.

Appointment checkpoints allow you to track the effectiveness of your process from lead to initial consult to report to ongoing care. Find where you are weak and address those for the most powerful practice growth.

Online booking and rescheduling is a must in todays world. With our partner’s at Zurili this is easy.