There has been much said recently by chiropractic Boards, chiropractic associations and insurance agencies about keeping thorough clinical notes. In moving right away from a disease centered diagnostic approach in patient management and record keeping to a patient centered diagnostic approach, I have found myself caught in a dilemma. In the process of ensuring my clinical records demonstrated my decision making process, I discovered that my efficiency in caring for and adjusting my patients plummeted and my practice volume suffered. I also found out that my capability to achieve higher volumes was basically hijacked. What I needed was a system that would allow me to do both. When I was shown Spinalogic I couldn’t help but be excited. At last I could see a way forward. To that end we decided to have Spinalogic in our office and were the first outside of Australia to have Spinalogic installed. We have had Spinalogic in our office since February 2006 and it has exceeded all expectations. Now not only are my notes quicker to record, but they can be understood even by lay people yet robust enough to withstand legal scrutiny. Spinalogic has now streamlined our whole office so our patient management and patient flow affords us the opportunity to reach levels in patient volume that until now we believed were only pipe dreams.

– Dr Chad G Esaiah, Chiro4Life, Hamilton, New Zealand

Looking back I now laugh at our old Staff Meetings and Trainings. We used to spend so much time going through what was being missed and then training on them. And we thought we had a great efficient system! None of that even comes up anymore. With Spinalogic and the complete automation of everything plus the “experts” (sort of like check-lists) nothing gets missed. (And if it does it really is a once in a blue moon thing and everyone has to do 20 push ups!) I love Spinalogic, my CAs love Spinalogic and our patients love Spinalogic. We had a part time staff member leave to have her baby and we didn’t have to worry about hiring someone else. Even if both of my staff could not be in the office for a day I would cope just fine (I think there is also a function in Spinalogic for the hello & farewell smile to be given to patients too, just haven’t needed it yet!). You are more than welcome to come to our office and see it all in action. Since February we haven’t looked back. Keep up the great innovations Spinalogic.

Thank you!

– Dr. Janine Adams, Adelaide Family Chiropractic, Woodcroft, Australia

The saying is, “Time is Money”. Spinalogic for our practice not only saves time, it also saves us money!

Our decision to use Spinalogic was difficult. On the brink of falling behind in our finances, the last thing I wanted was to add another overhead cost. Richard and Robert both assured me that Spinalogic would deliver a solution rather than another burden.

In 12 months of utilising Spinalogic, our practice has doubled in volume and we did it with a CA less than at our previous volume. Spinalogic delivered on its promise to save both clinic hours, and expense in the form of one less CA.

I work less hours completing a greater amount of work and purely because Spinalogic demands efficiency in its setup. Your error rate is halved meaning less circling back, and CAs are on target every month, completing all their assigned duties easier and more efficiently. This leaves them free to grow our practice.

I would strongly urge anyone who is considering Spinalogic for their practice to give it a go. Fees are manageable, and the staff are awesome.

– Dr. Theo Blöte, Beaudesert Road Chiropractic, Brisbane, Australia

Here Dr. Shane Mezger of Switched On Chiropractic, who has also recently been placed in charge of professional development for CA Western Australia, describes how the Zero Touch Payment feature in Spinalogic has revolutionised the way payments are made in his clinic, and how it has freed up his staff to do more important work. He also describes Spinalogic’s x-ray line drawing feature as superior to anything else in terms of being able to measure relative rotation angles and displacements of spinal joints.

– Dr. Shane Mezger, Switched On Chiropractic, Geralton, Western Australia

Here Dr. John Swatland of Hyperdome Chiropractic in Brisbane describes how Spinalogic has made his practice flow a lot smoother, and how he loves how Spinalogic brings patient x-rays up on screen immediately during adjustment. He also describes how Spinalogic makes the job of his CAs much simpler and gives them more time to work with the practice’s patient needs.

– Dr. John Swatland, Hyperdome Chiropractic, Brisbane, Queensland

Spinalogic enables us to see more clients, more efficiently. We minimize waiting time for our clients and can spend the time where it matters. A part-time staff member left, and we haven’t needed to replace them.

– Dr. Wayne Smith, North Shore Chiropractic, North Shore, New Zealand