Hi! We are coming to Melbourne for the ACA conference in October 2019.

We will be bringing you two very separate and different software’s that can be used in conjunction to each other or by themselves. 

Firstly Spinalogic is the number one automated chiropractic software where everything that takes time or can be automated, is.

It was built by chiropractors for chiropractors with the dream that chiropractors just come into the office, adjust and walk out knowing everything is done and done correctly. Spinalogic will take care of the rest… literally!

Our feature list is extensive, but the main features include automated billing, care programs, number one patient flow system, x-ray and posture analysis, easy patient communication and administration automation.

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The second software is Zurili. 

Zurili is cloud based practice acceleration services with special emphasis on making it easy for clients to book without you lifting a finger. To do that we have call answering, online booking and automated SMS reminders. Plus, everything you need to run your practice including, clinical notes, document filing, direct integration with HICAPS, DVA, Medicare and stripe for card payments without a merchant facility.

Although you can use all of Zurili, we also integrate with existing software so you can keep what you have and just add on the bits you want. Currently we integrate with Spinalogic, Front Desk, Cliniko, Capable, Capable 21C, PMPP and ChiroTouch.

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