Email Marketing


It’s been said by internet marketers that ’email is the most powerful and most underused marketing tool’.

Now with Spinalogic you can easily email your patients directly – no more need to upload to MailChimp or aWeber.

And what make this really cool is you can easily break your patients into groups for different kinds of messages.

For example, want to email just patients who are active members of your practice, who are over 16 years of age and who you have seen at least 5 times? No problem.

How about sending an email to all patients last seen over the last 12 months but who are no longer active in your office? Now you can send them a reactivation invite effortlessly. Maybe good for an end of year Christmas present.

And you don’t even need a special high-powered email delivery server. Just your normal mail server will work fine.

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