Clinical record keeping to fulfil your compliance obligations

In today’s world of ever-increasing standards it is reaching the point where it is no longer practical to use paper records to fulfil your compliance obligations. Your paperwork needs to meet and exceed the requirements of your registration board and your patient’s insurers. You also need those records to be rock-solid in a court of law where the weight of expert opinion comes from medical specialists, not chiropractors.

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Spinalogic makes more firsts

Spinalogic has been serving the Health Care community since 2001. In that time, we have brought more innovative ‘Firsts’ to practices than anyone else.

  • First to automate patient triage with fingerprint recognition
  • First to natively handle DICOM images
  • First to do digital Chiropractic line analysis on x-ray
  • First to automatically calculate leg-length inequality
  • First to enable automatic payment for services without stopping at the front desk
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The Amazing Power of Mail Merge

Mail merge is a fantastic tool in Microsoft Word (and other word processors) that allows you to take a list of patients and create personalized versions of a document template.

Marketing research has shown over and over that when you write to someone by name, they are much more likely to read what you write. Like, “Dear ~first name~”. In clinical practice the reality is that we are marketing good health to our patients and we really want them to read what we give to them.

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Double your success in practice with this one simple technique

Your total practice volume is determined by just two things: how many leads you get and your conversion of those leads. Leads are a result of your marketing – internal and external – but today, I want to talk about conversion.  In many ways conversion is more powerful and certainly more important to get right first.

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Rehab Made Easy

Once a patient has had subluxation for more than a few weeks, they always get weakening of the spine, and often shortening of ligaments leading to permanent deformity if nothing is done. Left long enough, this even leads to remodelling of the vertebrae and so irreversible bony deformity.

It is a terrible progressive loss of function and vitality that can be so easily avoided with quality chiropractic care.

While spinal adjustments are an essential part of the correction of a misaligned spine, if the postural muscles are weak and the ligaments shortened, no number of adjustments will make them right again. That takes effort on the part of the patient to do specific strengthening and corrective exercises known as ‘Rehab’.

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