The Amazing Power of Mail Merge

Mail merge is a fantastic tool in Microsoft Word (and other word processors) that allows you to take a list of patients and create personalized versions of a document template.

Marketing research has shown over and over that when you write to someone by name, they are much more likely to read what you write. Like, “Dear ~first name~”. In clinical practice the reality is that we are marketing good health to our patients and we really want them to read what we give to them.

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Double your success in practice with this one simple technique

Your total practice volume is determined by just two things: how many leads you get and your conversion of those leads. Leads are a result of your marketing – internal and external – but today, I want to talk about conversion.  In many ways conversion is more powerful and certainly more important to get right first.

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Rehab Made Easy

Once a patient has had subluxation for more than a few weeks, they always get weakening of the spine, and often shortening of ligaments leading to permanent deformity if nothing is done. Left long enough, this even leads to remodelling of the vertebrae and so irreversible bony deformity.

It is a terrible progressive loss of function and vitality that can be so easily avoided with quality chiropractic care.

While spinal adjustments are an essential part of the correction of a misaligned spine, if the postural muscles are weak and the ligaments shortened, no number of adjustments will make them right again. That takes effort on the part of the patient to do specific strengthening and corrective exercises known as ‘Rehab’.

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Don’t Waste Your CA’s Time

Your CA’s time is one of your most precious commodities so you want their time spent doing the things that really count. One place where many practices waste their CA’s precious time is when the patient is leaving the practice after they have seen the doctor doing things like printing out receipts for patients at every visit. I’ve even been to one busy practice where they had a CA who sat at a desk in a back room writing out receipts all day!

The traditional departure experience goes like this: The patient has an adjustment. They go to the front desk. The CA makes their next appointment. The CA bills them for their adjustment, takes payment, then prints (or writes) a receipt which they give to the patient. This is quite a time-consuming process for both the CA and the patient and in a busy practice leads to there being a line-up of patients waiting to depart. At the very least, it means your CA is focused on administration and not on the higher needs of the patient.

With a little planning, you can eliminate this entire process which makes the patient experience smooth and effortless while saving precious CA time. Let’s break this down and see how you can eliminate each step in this boring process. Continue reading “Don’t Waste Your CA’s Time”

How do you Triage your Patients when they arrive?

When a regular patient arrives in your office they need to know what to do. Most times, that will be just sitting and waiting to get called for an adjustment. On other days you will have something they need to do before their adjustment – stop at the front desk to pay some fees, get taught some exercises, get some inspirational or educational material for the day or even receive a gift!

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Hardware Lifecycle Management

When you have machines to help you work more efficiently, they have to be maintained. You don’t want to do too much ‘cause that’s a waste of time and you don’t want to do too little ‘cause then your machines break down leaving you stranded.

Today I want to cover some basic principles of Hardware Lifecycle Management for your IT and give you a sample implementation plan. I’m going to make it really simple to make sure you keep your hardware up to date with minimal effort and expense. Continue reading “Hardware Lifecycle Management”

Backing up your precious data

After your good standing in the community there is nothing more irreplaceable than your clinical records.

With paper records, it was not uncommon to lose the occasional file… for a while – although usually it would turn up eventually… sometimes not. The only way you would lose the lot is if you had a bad flood or a fire through your office – thank fully rare events.

But with digital records, it’s quite the opposite. Digital records have the benefit of taking no time to find even after 10 years. They never get lost. This is very cool. But if you don’t have a proper backup in place, it’s possible to lose absolutely everything in one stroke of hard-drive failure. The good news is that if you have a good backup, your data is way more secure than paper records can ever be. Continue reading “Backing up your precious data”