How do you Triage your Patients when they arrive?

When a regular patient arrives in your office they need to know what to do. Most times, that will be just sitting and waiting to get called for an adjustment. On other days you will have something they need to do before their adjustment – stop at the front desk to pay some fees, get taught some exercises, get some inspirational or educational material for the day or even receive a gift!

So how do you handle all these various situations? Continue reading “How do you Triage your Patients when they arrive?”

Hardware Lifecycle Management

When you have machines to help you work more efficiently, they have to be maintained. You don’t want to do too much ‘cause that’s a waste of time and you don’t want to do too little ‘cause then your machines break down leaving you stranded.

Today I want to cover some basic principles of Hardware Lifecycle Management for your IT and give you a sample implementation plan. I’m going to make it really simple to make sure you keep your hardware up to date with minimal effort and expense. Continue reading “Hardware Lifecycle Management”

Backing up your precious data

After your good standing in the community there is nothing more irreplaceable than your clinical records.

With paper records, it was not uncommon to lose the occasional file… for a while – although usually it would turn up eventually… sometimes not. The only way you would lose the lot is if you had a bad flood or a fire through your office – thank fully rare events.

But with digital records, it’s quite the opposite. Digital records have the benefit of taking no time to find even after 10 years. They never get lost. This is very cool. But if you don’t have a proper backup in place, it’s possible to lose absolutely everything in one stroke of hard-drive failure. The good news is that if you have a good backup, your data is way more secure than paper records can ever be. Continue reading “Backing up your precious data”